Client Testimonials

"Wow, has Mark helped me turn my business around. I had been wondering why after 35 years in business things were slowing down and after just one meeting with Mark I found out why. In just one month after Mark's help, my inquiry rate went through the roof. Thanks Mark."

Mike McClarty - MGM Investigations Owner - Build Your Business Online Program

"Mark the Digital Marketing Expert at Polaris Centre has been super helpful. He prepares before our meeting and gave me practical advice on how to improve my website, looks into my Google Ads accounts to formulate strategic to generate more traffic and increase conversion. As a business owner himself, Mark is genuinely wanting to help fellow small business owners to succeed. Thanks very much Mark!"

Zoe Li - MUZT Owner - Build Your Business Online Program

"I met with Mark to get an outsiders view of our marketing, and get any advice on what to streamline, what to incorporate to make our lives easier and how to be better! Mark was great, gave us some very important information on things we had overlooked. I found him efficient, accurate and most of all, very easy to deal with. I would highly recommend getting in touch and seeing what he can help you with."

Damian McCardle - Paracombe Premium Perry CEO - Build Your Business Online Program

"If you're looking at starting a Business either small or large I would highly recommend making contact with the Polaris Centre at Mawson Lakes & speak to the friendly staff to find out how they can help you understand what's required in starting a business & offer you their support & knowledge to help you make the correct decisions to ensure you can build a successful business. I've used the services of the Polaris Centre last year after leaving Holden & starting my own handyman business. With their help & guidance I've now secured maintenance contracts with 5 companies & running a business with huge growth potential. The Polaris Centre has helped me get my business started & they can also help you start a business for success."

Daryl French - Frenchy's Fix It Handyman Services Business Owner - Mentoring for Success Program

"Coiltek has been using the services of the Polaris Centre for over two years. Starting with the Business Fundamentals course & after this became part of the Mentoring for Success Programme. These courses & programs have assisted us in refining our systems & procedures. It's also been helpful with realising the importance of working on the business rather than only in the business. By taking the time to put key areas for business growth under the microscope we've seen new opportunities expand, providing controlled growth & good revenue."

Natalie Michels - Coiltek CEO - Mentoring for Success Program

"As a new business start-up, Polaris Centre Business Fundamentals Program helped me to secure the government funding; also, their mentoring and digital advice save heaps of money on my website development & marketing promotional strategies. I really like their attitudes towards helping people& businesses. They not only provide value for money service; also, great people."

Sam Sri - 3RD Eye Analytics Founder/CEO

"I have been working with the Polaris Centre since 2008. Through group coaching, mentoring & attending workshops I've completely restructured my business from a company focused around me to a business that operates independent of myself. We've more than doubled our revenue since we started working with the Polaris Centre. I can't recommend their services highly enough – every small business owner needs a business coach!"

Alan Short - Fire & Emergency Services SA Managing Director - Mentoring for Success Program

"We are learning a lot and it’s been great. I’ve recommended the Polaris Centre to a number of people."

Paul Danher-Hart - Icon Graphic Design Partner - Mentoring for Success Program

"The cost of becoming involved with Polaris is very, very minor compared to the value that you get out of it. It is a very valuable service that is not widely known enough."

Rex Wallace - Parafield Ink and Toner General Manager - Mentoring for Success Program

"I would give anyone the Polaris Centre’s number straight away & point them in the right direction."

Danny Mulyono - Fitness Power Train Owner - Mentoring for Success Program

"I think you’d be mad not to use the Polaris Centre."

Simon Tanner - Tanner Real Estate Director - Mentoring for Success Program

"It is worth a chat & they are more than willing to help or point you in the right direction. I have actually referred a couple of people to the Polaris Centre & it has helped them, they were more than happy."

Kay Rault - Dresseasy Clothing Inspired by Lacey Shea Designer - Mentoring for Success Program

"As a small to medium business you need to be able to tap into what resources are out there to try & manage all the different things that comes up for a business owner."

Carla Branson - Talking Matters Director - Mentoring for Success Program

"I tell everyone who is starting up to get into Polaris. Find yourself a coach or a mentor as there’s so much you don’t know when you get started. We’ve made a lot of mistakes along the way & they can be very expensive. Polaris can help you to avoid these."

Rory Hope - Rory’s School Lunches & Rory’s Catering Managing Director - Mentoring for Success Program

"Thank you so much. You have helped me to identify areas where I, with a bit of effort, need & can improve. You also directed me to the tools & businesses accessible & available, who would help me to build my business & promote my products."

Adina Wiens - Sestra Care Solutions Owner

"Great course, not what I was expecting, but what I needed. Lots of ideas to implement. Will take up the option of coaching hours. Thanks Polaris for putting these sessions on for small business."

Susan Stevens - First In Sports First Aid Director

"Mark Nemtsas is absolutely brilliant - I sat down with him to discuss a subject I know virtually nothing about: digital marketing & spent the next 90 minutes totally absorbed by the information & advice he provided. He has pointed me in the right direction & provided me with the `tools` to work with - it`s now up to me! Thanks, Mark!"

M. Plush - Sole Trader Founder

"Thank you Mark for coming out to my office to do a digital audit of my business. The information & advice you gave me was fantastic & the report on the session was very detailed & informative. We've already done some of the things you suggested. I would highly recommend your services to anyone needing digital auditing of their business"

Natasha Olsen - Sole Trader Founder

"I found & am still finding the Polaris Centre to be super helpful & supportive in growing my business. Making the leap into the unknown a little less daunting with the support & knowledge from these guys has been invaluable. With the government funding, & the detailed report you can take away from it, why the hell wouldn’t you."

Sophie Nash - Sole Trader Founder

"Thank you to the team at Polaris! I first attended the Business Fundamentals & was so impressed I had to go back for more. Inspiring, informative & the mentoring is fantastic. Special thanks to Mark who has helped with my digital marketing & helped a tonne - thanks again! I've told everyone about you & I'll continue to do so"

Sally Sheldon - Sole Trader Founder - Mentoring for Success Program

"Thank you the time spent with the digital business advisor was invaluable & the report provided gives really good guidelines on how to improve my digital presence."

Cass Minchenberg - Sole Trader Founder

"Less than 2 weeks since our meeting I've already actioned a number of recommendations & can confidently say it's all for the best. I'm feeling very inspired to push on with greater confidence, backed by a well documented plan & knowing I can contact Mark anytime with any brief questions or issues. Thanks Polaris for a such an effective kickstart for my business & my confidence."

Rob Denton - Sole Trader Founder - Build Your Business Online Program

"The Polaris Centre has provided relatable & effective advice to our business all levels! As long time clients of the "Mentoring for Success" program, we would thoroughly recommend this service to businesses of all stages and sizes! Keep up the good work Polaris!"

Evanthe Svingos - Sole Trader Founder - Mentoring for Success Program