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Digital Marketing

Too many businesses market their business via digital channels in a haphazard and ad hoc fashion.  Are you one of these?  The easy way to find out is to conduct a quick digital marketing audit on your business.  This will highlight your strengths and identify any areas that you are lacking in and can target for improvement.

Here at The Polaris Business and Innovation Centre we’ve carried out digital marketing audits on hundreds of businesses and are pleased to provide you with our own audit tool for you to use.  You can download our Digital Marketing Audit from the link below:

Digital Marketing Audit Form

How to Use our Digital Marketing Audit Tool

Our free tool focuses on 4 key areas of your business, general marketing, your website, local search engine visibility (such as online reviews and Google My Business), and of course, social media.  In our experience these four areas are the keys to establishing a powerful and lasting digital presence for your business.  Using the tool honestly and openly will help you to understand what digital marketing channels your business is active on and whether you are carrying out structured and planned marketing activity.  It will also help you to uncover what areas of new activity are likely to give you a good return on investment for resources expended on them.

If your digital marketing audit highlights areas that you are weak in then you can undertake further planning and research to strengthen those areas.  For example, if our audit shows you that some of your social media channels are not aligned with your target market then you could undertake a study to determine if you should continue promoting on that social media channel.

Need help conducting your audit or interpreting the results?

Please contact us if you’re not confident conducting your own digital marketing audit or need help understanding the results.  We can also help you to plan a path forward on the basis of audit and we’d be happy to do so!

Don’t forget our free Digital Marketing Audit tool can be downloaded here:

Download the Digital Marketing Audit Form

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