Does your business need a website? Here are five reasons why it does.

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Does your business need a website?  Consider that Google says  88% of consumers who search for a business on a mobile device end up visiting that business within 24 hours.  What are the implications of this to you as a business owner?  It means that a website is more than ever, a key channel through which you can increase your digital outreach.   Even if a consumer who is searching doesn’t initially end up landing on your website they may well end up there via one of your other digital channels such as social media or Google My Business.  Does your business need a website?  The answer is an emphatic yes.  Here are five reasons why:

Consumers MUST be able to find you online

Of course consumers must be able to find you online and as we’ve already mentioned a huge proportion of consumers will end up visiting a business after they have found them online.  What about e-commerce though?  According to Business Insider e-commerce sales will grow worldwide by 16.5% in 2020.  Having your own website one of the keys to achieving online sales, without one you are limited to selling on third party market places.

It adds credibility

Nothing says “hey we’re here and we’re real” more than a well-designed and well-executed website.  In fact, the 2017 Telstra small business survey suggested that 55% of consumers found it hard to trust a business without a website.  Additionally having the information you want on your website allows you to showcase who you are, display the quality of your products or services, and support branding that you’re pushing out through other channels.

It’s never been cheaper or easier                    

It’s never been cheaper or easier to build and host a website with the advent of hosted website content management systems such as Wix (, SquareSpace ( or Shopify ( .  Each of these platforms includes easy to use website building software that have mobile friendly website templates and integrated security to help protect you and your customers.  If you’re planning on selling things online Shopify is the platform for you, with low transaction costs, built in inventory control, and every payment method you or your customers can think of.

You’ll save money and time

Your website can save you money and time.  How?  It will help streamline communication with your customers.  It can act as a passive repository for customer support documents such as user manuals, FAQ’s, video guides, and how-to articles.  It can also work for you in real time as an active method of allowing your customers to make bookings or appointments that are automatically integrated with your internal calendar and email systems.

Your Website is Open 24 Hours

Your website is there when you and your staff are not, it’s always on.  This is a perfect fit for consumers who make heavy use of mobile devices to perform searches and do product research when it suits them, day or night.  Are you selling consumer products online?  Many consumers are unable to purchase easily during normal opening hours and having an e-commerce option will net you more sales as those people make their purchases after hours!

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