Facebook Boosting or Ads? What is the difference?

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When working on your businesses social media page, often Facebook will prompt you to boost a post, which begs the question, "What is the difference between a Facebook post and a Facebook ad?" As well as "which should I use"?  In short, there's going to be times when it will be best to use both, as a mix, depending on what you're trying to achieve.

So to start, what is the difference between the two options and should it cost you a lot of money?

Boosting Posts

To boost a post is a realtively simple thing to do, once you've created and published a post, you're then prompted through the newsfeed to boost it.  This simply means that more people will see your post and is a great way to increase awareness of the story within the post.  Some experts would even hesitate to suggest that without boosting a good proportion of your Facebook newsfeed content, your posts will not be seen by enough people.  You can track how many "eyeballs" see your posts and what type of engagement you get.

Realistically, you don't really want to invest in boosting every post you make, so when you are thinking about boosting a post, make sure that you focus your effort on posts that strongly outline your products and services, or help differentiate your brand.  Also, you might have some important updates, for example, changes to open times, contact details, new products coming on board, these posts all have a "purpose" for boosting.  Want to know more about how Facebook's algorithm ranks news feed content?  Click this link.

Facebook ads

Advertising on Facebook is less simple to do, however the advertising function sitting within the Ads Manager system, gives greater functionality and more advanced features.  The Ads Manager will allow you to customise demographics based on traffic to your website and can help you achieve other goals including driving traffic to your website or pushing sales.

Facebook ads are cost effective and really allow you to customise your marketing and target your audience with greater specificity.  If you have a larger marketing budget for a new product that you are launching, then Facebook ads are great for testing what this market responds to well ie 2 ads with a different look and feel.  You'll soon see which is more effective for click through rates to your website, which is the traffic you are really meaning to push.

What type of budet should I allow?

Facebook and social media in general is really great for small business, because it is flexible around all budget sizes.  If you are an SME who is trying to just grow your community (it's been said by our Digital Advisor, that you need a community audience of at least a couple of thousand likes to be effective), then you might spend $50 or less.  Mind you, you might be an accounting firm using the page to specifically reach out to your current clients, in which case, you don't really want to pay to grow your community.  (If you need to know more about your target customer, check out this article)

If you have a larger marketing budget, then you would want to look at splitting it across boosting great content along with the Ads Manager, so that you can target audiences more specifically.  Really you can spend what you want on Facebook and your unique marketing goals will be different, so make sure you get a solid grasp on what you are wanting to achieve before you start boosting and making ads on Facebook.

Give it a go!

You can set your budget limits boosting posts or running Facebook ads, so why not give it ago and see what might work for your business.  

The Team here at the Polaris Business Centre are more than happy to help you look over the effectiveness of your first Facebook Ad (or series of boosts) and give you some tips about what could be done more effectively next time.  If you'd like to set up some time with a Business Advsior, or join our Mentoring Program, give us a call on 08 8260 8205 or email us on polaris@salisbury.sa.gov.au

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