Four Things NOT to Post to Social Media

Digital Marketing

If you’re a business focused on delivering your brand message consistently to your audience then there are some things you simply shouldn’t post to your social media channels.  Why shouldn’t you post them?  Because the smart social media manager knows that anything posted online is there FOREVER.  There’s often no going back once the mistake of posting the wrong content to social media has been made.

This article examines 4 things that must never be seen on your business social media.  Of course, if your personal social media channels are associated with a business you better make sure none of this appears there either!  

Being Too Promotional Too Often

There’s a fine line to be tread when finding the balance between keeping your social media audience engaged, and actually using that audience to generate sales.  In my experience it’s one that many small businesses get very wrong.  Close examination of their social channels show that the majority of posts are selling products, trying to funnel people into events, or hoping to drive foot traffic to bricks and mortar.  Nothing is more certain to make your audience disengage, or even worse, un-follow your channels because of such behavior.

Of course, you still need to use your social channels for commercial purposes so the right mix needs to be found.  What is that mix?  Some social media marketers suggest 90% non-promotional vs 10% promotional.  Others suggest the 5:3:2:1 rule.  Or 5 posts of curated content, 3 posts self-created content, 2 posts of personalized or fun content, and finally, 1 promotional post.   There’s no hard and fast rule and only examination of your social analytics and experimentation will help you find your ideal mix.  

Arguing with Your Audience

This one is easy.  Do Not Argue With Your Audience.  It couldn’t be any simpler.  If a page follower posts something controversial delete or hide the post, ban them, or lock the thread.  If the platform doesn’t allow those actions have a boiler plate response written and respond with that once and then never again.

This applies equally with customer reviews.  If someone leaves a poor review have a pre-prepared response inviting the reviewer to contact you via phone or email.  And that’s it, do not respond again.

Politics or Religion

Business pages are not for discussion of politics or religion, doing so will invariably marginalise part of your target market.  This doesn’t just include you posting your own content of this type.  It means your channels shouldn’t be following other pages to post this sort of material, and your channels shouldn’t be interacting with posts made by others on these topics.  You need to exert strong editorial control over visitor posts that contain this sort of questionable material. 

Business owners must also realise that their personal social media profiles will be unavoidably linked to their business channels.  Do not think that posting about controversial topics on your personal channels will not have blow-back on your business socials.  It definitely will.

Typos, Poor Grammar, Poor English

No-one expects business social channels to be literary masterworks, but a certain quality of language is going to project an aura of professionalism and care.  This means all your posts should be carefully proof read for good grammar and spelling.  If your channels have a ‘voice’ and are known to use slang and lingo then that’s acceptable, but poor spelling and typos are generally never wanted.   If you are seen to have no care when speaking to the world, why would your customer expect a good level of care when you are doing business with them?

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