Some tips to protect you and your business from cyber attacks and incidents.

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How do you protect your small business from cyber attacks and incidents?

Let’s learn how to protect ourselves online.

For a small business, even the smallest cyber security incident can have devastaing impacts.  We need to arm ourselves with the tools and guidance needed to stay alert and be prepared.  

The Australian Cyber Security Centre has produced a guide for small businesses and this is a great resource -  you can get this by going to ACSC.

Some of the top things that we can do to protect ouselves and our businesses:

Always update our software and applications to protect important information

By always updating software, you’re essentially plugging any gaps the cybercriminals might try with malicious software like viruses, spyware, trojans and worms.

Protect your accounts with multi-factor authentication

Use multi-factor authentication to secure access to internal and external accounts using a combination of pin, secret question, card, physical tokens or finger print.  

Back up regularly to the cloud or an external hard drive

Important data can be lost instantly, so backing up regularly before it’s too late.  This is really important if you own a business as customer details are crucial to your everyday operations. 

Be careful with social media postings that you and employees make

Remember nothing is private online and your profile is very easy to unravel.

Establish access control systems to determine who should have access to what

Restrict administrator privileges to an "as-required" basis.  Do not share passphrases.  Remember to revoke accounts when employees leave the businesses.

For any assistance with Cyber security contact the Polaris Centre and speak with Deniz Subasi, a digital and cyber security consultant and business advisor.  Phone: 8260 8205  - 

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