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Business Fundamentals for Live Music Venues

"By combining business acumen with passion, Live Music Venues sustain Adelaide's cultural vibrancy and community connections.

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Running a Live Music Venue is not for the faint hearted and certainly not an easy enterprise to undertake.

Although a business in all definitions of the word, owners and operators are passionate and purposeful people that also need to make a profit to remain sustainable. These Live Music Venues are an essential part of the music and entertainment a fabric of the Adelaide Community.

These venues also provide a platform for existing and emerging music artists to develop and practice their music and increase their profile the Polaris Business Fundamentals Workshop was developed and is presented by experienced business owners and Polaris Business Mentors.

The Polaris Team have tailored this workshop in response to some of the needs and challenges business owners and operators of Live Music Venues have shared in the media and directly about the business guidance and support they may need to try and recover from the challenges the industry has been and is experiencing.

As business owner you will revisit essential and fundamental business principles that are the foundation of a good and profitable business.

You will be reinvigorated and reenergised in analysing and exploring how you might help your business deal with and recover from the challenges over the last few years.

An intensive, rapid fire, interactive, practically focused business focused workshop.

4 hours with a 30 minute meal break in the middle (total time approx. 4.5 hours)

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This event is part of Small Business Fundamentals – an initiative of the Government of South Australia’s Office for Small and Family Business and part of South Australian Small Business Strategy 2023 - 2030.

This event is also held as part of South Australia’s Small Business Week 2024.