Digital Marketing Audit

Do you have a feeling that your website could be better?  Think your Google Maps listing is terrible but you're not sure why?  Does no-one want to talk to your business on Facebook and you're starting to think you're doing something wrong?  Right now a member of the Polaris Centre Digital Advisory panel can spend ONE HOUR conducting a Digital Audit on one part of the digital marketing of your business FOR FREE.  They can pick apart what they look at, work out what can be made better and then findings and recommendations for improvement will be communicated to you via telephone or Zoom meeting.

The panel of advisors have looked at hundreds of websites, social media channels, and Google Business listings in the last few years and they have got a feel for what works, and what doesn’t.  In fact, they have used those same lessons to market his own small business online to great effect.  There's only time for our advisors to conduct SIX FREE Digital Audits per month, so contact The Polaris Centre now to book your spot!

Download Program Details (PDF)