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Janet Wootton


Janet Wootton is the beating heart of the Polaris Centre. With over 20 years’ experience in project work, organising events and networking experience, Janet is key to the Polaris Centre’s operations and keeps the schedule of services, events and team members all working smoothly together. She spent many years working on projects in the finance, insurance, and defence industries but working with the community and enabling people to participate and grow is undoubtedly her calling and superpower.

Realising the value she could contribute to the small business community; Janet embraced her role with the Polaris team and studied various business courses of her own initiative to get up to speed. She is a true professional within the business operations of Polaris and serves as a firm network link between businesses in the greater Adelaide region, and an integral support for women in business.

With a long history of aiding busy professionals, Janet’s passion for the SA business community is demonstrated through her excellence in service and care for Polaris clients. Bringing people together at Polaris events and workshops, Janet welcomes and delights everyone, whether they are already in business or just starting out.

I love my job! Connecting people and seeing their businesses come to life is so rewarding. Having worked at Polaris for almost 20 years, I have seen hundreds of business success stories.