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The Polaris Business Development Centre with core support from the City of Salisbury, is a dynamic hub designed to support entrepreneurs, inspire innovation, and grow businesses.

The City of Salisbury’s Strategic Urban Planning Team and the Economic Development Team are co-located at the Polaris Centre and collectively form the City Shaping Division. This strategic arrangement reflects the City of Salisbury’s commitment to advancing economic activity in the area, which creates a more progressive, sustainable and connected community for all.

Located at Innovation House, Technology Park in Mawson Lakes, the Polaris Team works with anyone interested in the idea of a business (intenders), start-ups, micro, small, medium and large-sized businesses helping them change their lives as they bring their business visions into reality.

Just as Polaris – the North Star guided sailors with their navigation of the seas, the Polaris Centre is a guiding star for business people in Northern Adelaide and now Greater Adelaide as a proud delivery partner with the Office for Small and Family Business.

Our mentors have a wealth of knowledge and experience and provide a supportive ecosystem of practical educational and networking resources to our clients that cover ideating, starting, planning, financing, marketing, digital tools, and more. With knowledge of the local property market, including zoning, contact with landowners, developers, agents and government bodies, we can also assist with site selection and navigate the process of development.

With a suite of tailored services for those of you with just a seed of an idea to those with businesses already turning over $1.5 million a year, we at the Polaris Centre would be delighted to provide the extra support you need to drive your business further.

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How we deliver our services

At the Polaris Centre, we offer a unique approach to delivering our services. Unlike self-paced online platforms, the Polaris point of difference is in human mentors to inspire, motivate and guide business intenders and owners together with interactive in-person workshops.

Our clients engage with like minds, enjoy human interaction and build strong relationships with our dedicated mentors and network.

We incorporate human methodologies

Adult Learning Principles

We know that adults want to know the purpose and value of what they are learning and prefer their learning experiences to be practical and relevant to their real-life needs and goals.

Our practices respect your independence and the diverse experiences and self-knowledge you bring to your decisions. We allow you to direct yourself towards the achievements you choose and will help steer you there.

Integrated Experiential Learning

Our mentoring lets you learn by doing as you grow your business. Gain hands-on experience in building effective business models, marketing products, and making valuable connections while you tackle the real challenges of your project.

Combining Learning Styles

We accommodate a variety of learning styles with plenty of visual guides, models, and collaborative workshops exploring different business paths. We also provide workbooks for those who enjoy looking at materials in their own time.

A Personalised Approach

Our mentors know that no two clients are the same and their businesses are unique to their life goals and personalities. We ensure to keep the focus on your needs and tailor guidance to keep you on a comfortable yet measurable track of progress.

One2One Business Mentoring

Enjoy confidential One2One time with your mentor who you can consider a part of your business team. Speak with them on any business matters from planning, skill development to staff management.

Our methods are proven, with many long-standing returning clients who have built successful businesses over the years.

Thrive on your business journey with our personal and effective mentorships.