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Leandro Lopez Digon

Leandro Lopez Digon

Leandro brings plenty to the table, boasting a diverse background in economics, public policy, and management, spanning over a decade of excellence in economic development and innovation. His passion for solving challenges, coupled with his strong leadership and strategic ability, sets him apart as a standout professional. His impressive journey includes a recent role as Chair of the South Australian chapter of Economic Development Australia.

As the driving force behind the City of Salisbury City Shaping team, Leandro leads Strategic Urban Planning, Sustainability, Economic Development, and the Polaris Business Development Centre. He thrives in multicultural environments with teams of diverse skills and enjoys exercising his analytical skills towards complex real-world problems.

Hailing from Buenos Aires and with many years living in Australia, Leandro considers himself a citizen of the world. With a strong sense of social responsibility, he is continually on the lookout for new experiences that allow him to sharpen the tools of his trade and take an active part in building a better future.

“It is a privilege to be able to lead the Polaris Team in our quest to provide business services to our community.”