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Sasha Dragovelic 512
Media Release

New team leader appointed at the Polaris Business Development Centre

Join us at Polaris in welcoming Mr Sasha Dragovelic who commenced his role as Team Leader at the Polaris – Business Development Centre on the 14th March 2023.

Sasha grew up in the remote opal mining town of Coober Pedy, South Australia, where he completed his education. In Coober Pedy Sasha Lived 15m below the ground in a subterranean dwelling known as a ‘Dugout’. Sasha commenced his career at the District Council of Coober Pedy for many years working in roles such as Construction Surveyor, Building Inspector and Planning Officer and ran his own businesses including; Sasha's Electrical & Drafting, Outback IT and Opal Mining.

For several years, Sasha worked for AI Group as part of the Career Advice Australia initiative as Regional Industry Career Adviser (RICA) for Adelaide and then National Industry Career Specialist (NICS) for Innovation and Business.

At AITEC Pty Ltd Sasha worked as the Alliance Manager for the School Business Community Partnership Brokers Program. In this role Sasha operated as a catalyst and broker across a variety of stakeholders such as; Schools, Business, Community, Parents and Government, assisting them to come together to deliver educational attainment outcomes for young people.

Appointed as Manager - HYPA Works at HYPA & SYC, Sasha established STARTmeUP - an Entrepreneurial Education Program for 18 - 25 and bizifyd - a social enterprise which connects small business owners who have limited time and knowledge of social media with Young people.

Sasha Co-founded BO$$ Camp in 2014 a Techstars Startup Weekend - an Entrepreneurial Education program for young people to "Start Your Future, Like A Boss!" and later this developed into the Futurepreneurs Academy providing opportunities for young people to turn their ideas into income. By working with schools, both private and public and local councils such as the City of Unley and Adelaide Hills Council, young people got the opportunity to realise their dreams of becoming their own boss.

Among many other things Sasha continues to be unrelenting & tireless in providing Entrepreneurial Education programs & opportunities for Young People and others. These programs are also an opportunity for successful business people to "pay it forward" mentors, sponsors and investors.

For Seniors, Sasha created "Unfinished Business" and The Catalyst Collaborative Coworking Community at the Catalyst Foundation which assisted clients who felt they had more to offer the community to ‘unretire’ and become self-employed consultants.

At Youth Options Sasha was instrumental in developing the BizAbility – entrepreneurial exploration program for people living with a disability including those on those on NDIS.

Sasha’s motto is “People make the World go Round!”

As a member of Team Polaris, Sasha will continue the Polaris mission of - Growing Businesses and Changing Lives - in the City of Salisbury and Northern Adelaide region.

People make the World go Round!

Sasha Dragovelic

Phone: (08) 8260 8205