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On Wednesday 15 November, Polaris hosted a very special Business Networking Event for White Ribbon Day. Joined by Melissa Perry, CEO of Communicare and White Ribbon, and Daniel Garbett, Site Manager at Master Builders Solutions, to speak about all the efforts they’re making towards positive change.

Melissa Perry shared valuable insights into the principles of the White Ribbon Foundation and their relentless efforts to eliminate violence against women. The dedication of organisations like White Ribbon is crucial in creating awareness and driving positive change in our communities.

Daniel Garbett's presentation shed light on the initiatives taken by Master Builders Solutions both nationally and locally to support women in the workplace. It's heartening to see businesses actively engaging in efforts to create an inclusive and supportive environment for all employees. By sharing their experiences and strategies, businesses like Master Builders Solutions contribute significantly to fostering a culture of equality and respect.

The event was undoubtedly an inspiring and informative platform, bringing together organisations and individuals committed to making a positive impact. It highlights the importance of collaborative efforts in addressing and eradicating issues like violence against women. We hope that the insights shared during the event will inspire others to take similar initiatives and contribute to building safer and more inclusive communities.