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Auto One Clovercrest at Modbury is a long-trusted Australian business with professionals who give automotive advice and stock a large range of parts and accessories for cars. Its owner is Eddie Symons, who has been driving the business for 21 years and is proud of the company for being the healthiest it’s ever been.

Eddie could not have said this a decade ago. He knows cars back to front, but operating a business was a different matter. He attributes his current success to getting better controls in place and allocating his resources more efficiently – matters he was given much more clarity on when he took the Business Fundamentals Workshop and joined Mentoring for Success 7 years ago.

With the independent and external perspective of his mentor, Eddie worked to reform his business structure, utilise his staff more efficiently and focus on smart budgeting. His mentor helped him refine staff roles to improve delegation and kept him on track with his desired goals.

Over time, Eddie was able to free up more of his time working on the business as opposed to in it and has been able to grow the business improving his turnover by 30-40%. He credits his mentor with challenging him to think deeply and holistically about the business.

I really appreciate the honesty and deep thinking of my mentor; there’s no surface stuff. He sits outside the square and sees things that may have slipped through the cracks. He sparks action.

Eddie Symons, Owner