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Aluminium Security Industries (ASI) is an established family-run company with a factory and showroom in Holden Hill owned by Jasna Kupres and Adrian Dow. They specialise in manufacturing and installing security doors and screen doors, as well as security screens for windows, decorative doors, roller shutters, plantation shutters and blinds.

Jasna had been running the business for over 30 years and was witnessing the rise of digital trends. Realising she could benefit from greater use of it in her marketing, she took advantage of Polaris digital courses offered at the time. She then attended a Polaris Women In Business networking event and enjoyed the referral opportunities it provided. Appreciating the services Polaris was providing, she then sought out a business mentor who assessed her operations and signed up to Mentoring for Success. She hasn’t looked back.

With guidance from her business mentor, Jasna has been able to streamline her operations, manage her accounting matters with greater efficiency, monitor her progress with greater organisation and build a successful team. She has felt freer to delegate more responsibilities, so that she can work on the business and in parts of the business she’s best at and loves.

My mentor can see if someone is running around in circles! He helped me learn how to use my resources better and tidied everything up for us. He and the Polaris Centre have helped a lot.

Jasna Kupres, Owner

Jasna and Adrian continue to enjoy the support and opportunities they have found through Polaris over the last two years and feel secure knowing that their business mentor is always there to help them see business challenges in a fresh way.

Adrian started as an employee in 2000 and due to his dedication, loyalty and true commitment over the years Jesna offered him to partner with her back in 2013. With Jasna now planning to retire next year, he will be taking over as a full-time owner. To now be able to succeed to full ownership in 10 years is a fantastic milestone achievement and Polaris is proud to be able to support him through the transition. Congratulations, Adrian!