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Woodroffe Skylights is an old Adelaidean company providing quality skylights and roof windows for homes and commercial buildings.

Mark had already been a part of the business for a long time and owned it for three years when he decided to get a business mentor. Business was booming and Mark was starting a new project. He needed a product from overseas but wasn’t sure how to source it. Deciding he needed some help, he searched for local business support and found the Polaris Centre.

After consulting with a business mentor, he realised he could do with brushing up on business basics and that his own operation could use some refinements to prevent overstretching himself. He took a Business Fundamentals Workshop and signed on to Mentoring for Success. Together, he and his mentor analysed the business and found the areas that required greater attention. Focusing on improving budgets, getting good staff on board and greater delegation, refining operational procedures, and keeping track of goals, Mark was able to free up more of his time for bigger decisions.

We’ve invested in very good people. My Polaris mentor has been a big help in pointing me in the right direction and giving me vision. He’s been a great motivator and kept us on track.

Mark Hoepner, Owner

Business has only gotten better with Mark’s factory now ‘busting at the seams.’ He has reorganised his workspace and is expecting new equipment that will improve the way products are produced. He is keen to increase operations in future and looks forward to elevating the business to greater heights with continuing support from his Polaris mentor.