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Precimax Plastics is a capable and experienced manufacture of plastic components based in Salisbury. Precimax Plastics has been making customised plastic components through injection moulding for a range of industries for over 50 years, including appliances, furniture, irrigation and housing construction and more.

Peter McCall had long been the Managing Director and acquired the business from its founder in 2008. Already knowing the lay of the land, Peter set out to push growth further. Taking the initiative to attend an enterprise workshop, Peter had the business reviewed and engaged a Polaris mentor.

Together, he and his mentor analysed the business and decided to set up an independent advisory board for the management team. With a focus on maintaining excellent customer relations, improving management processes, and expanding marketing efforts, Precimax Plastics has grown into one of Adelaide’s largest businesses in the plastics manufacturing industry.

It’s been worthwhile for a business of our size to have a board; it adds to our structure. It’s important to have a knowledgeable outside voice. Our Polaris mentor gives us ideas to think about another perspective.

Peter McCall, Owner

Precimax Plastics also became an AS/IS09001 Quality Certified Company, which demonstrates the high quality of their management and processes. They have continually updated machinery to provide the most innovative injection technology for their customers. Peter has continued to work with his Polaris business mentor for 12 years and appreciates the support and guidance he receives. The advisory board they established together meets monthly and helps to keep a check on management activities and serves as a confidential and separate independent body of knowledgeable business people he can rely on.